Can’t you see I’m all alone?


Turn off the stereo.

You’re all alone

and crowds of people

won’t change a thing.

So why delude yourself

into the false security

of lifeless sounds and images

when they only drown out

the truth?


The truth may be unsettling

but at least

it’s the truth.

Even if you’re living a lie,

the lie never negates the fact

that it’s a lie.


So lie down,

embrace yourself

and let the lonliness

that is this life

overwhelm your soul.


Feel the slow steady ache

that’s always been there.

Cradle it in your core

and thank God

that He’s given you a sign.



~ by Maranda on April 12, 2007.

One Response to “Can’t you see I’m all alone?”

  1. we’re waiting for the creativity to emerge! 🙂

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